Friday, April 3, 2009

As the music turns

The band has scheduled the first block of recording sessions at
Wave Lab starting May 2. Hard to believe it was 2 years ago
when the debut CD came out, and we've had a tough time
deciding which new songs should go on the album. Kristen and
I were shocked to look at all the material we've written in that
time. We're working on the arrangements and working out
some ideas, trying out different sounds/instruments, writing
harmonies and experimenting with rhythms and tempos. We've
played a lot of these songs live--usually by the seat of our pants.
"Pardon me Mick...but have you seen the root of the chord?" I
know that life is busy for everyone, and with the media saying
that the economy will never recover, but music perseveres all
things does it not? Kristen has written some beautiful music
and we can't wait to share it with all of you. (I'm pretty
impressed with the musical aspect myself.) It's late now so I'll be
shoving off. See ya, and thanks for reading.