Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recording has begun

Well, the recording has begun. I am very excited to undertake this undertaking...
We are hoping to finish everything by the fall, and hoping all the elements will come into manifestation by then. There are many bases to cover, and the initial tracking of the songs is about step 3 in a 12-step process.
I will post more as time permits and things develop. The rough tracks we brought home are the first studio recordings we have since the Sweet Inside single came out. It is a creative and busy time for Kristen, Ryan, Dan and myself. We'll see how things go, eh? Hope is the fuel for this project. We are by no means in a financial situation that allows a professional recording project to succeed. Everything we are doing is grass-roots, contributions from individuals that either love us or have an integral, artistic input. We have more tracking to do, and I will be adding photos as they get edited and uploaded. Thanks for reading.

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  1. KrisTen Chandler & companY, proved sensaTional; a BliSSFuL MeGa TaLent of soothing, soulfuL melodies & mesmerizing voCaLs w/ powerFuL originaL lyrics , as weLL. Amazing TaLent.OriginaL. AddicTive.InSPiring Hope amidst, this broKen woRLD. You are our anSWer for heaLing. An HonoR to experience LIVE.
    ThanK You !
    - LIVEsuPerHeroes
    aka Bernadette